My name is Tara Stolz,
I am a certified Master Clinical Aromatherapist and a certified Master Clinical Herbalist through the  Heart of Herbs Herbal school. I have spent the last 10 years self educating on the wonders of Nature's Magic and how we can utilize it for our mental, physical and spiritual well being.


My family and I spend our summer days tending to our herbs and frolicking about on paths and in the forest wild-crafting for medicinal plants to be used in our solar infused herbal oils and tinctures. We only harvest in clean areas away from exhaust fumes, field spraying and remnants of human footprints.


We handcraft our herbal remedies in our kitchen; we started with friends and family with various ailments from; reconstructive surgery, sleep problems, psoriasis, shoulder and neck pain, fibromyalgia, constipation, anxiety etc. They truly loved them and we wanted to share them with other family's experiencing the same ailments.

Our focus is to always source and purchase the highest quality and purest ingredients from Canadian companies. Our products are GMO Free, MLM Oils Free, Free from toxic impurities and Suitable for Vegans.

There is nothing better in life than helping another person with homemade love using Nature's Magic.

Welcome to Plant Life Natures Way.



Tara & Family